Agriculture & Food Safety

Component Introduction

China's agriculture and food production has developed dramatically in recent years. China is the world's largest agricultural producer and consumer. With only an estimated 10% of world land resources and 6% of world water resources, China produces 30% of the world's rice, a fifth of the world's corn, a fourth of the world's cotton, an estimated 37% of the world's fruit and vegetables, and half of the world's pork. China has become a significant food exporter and has been a net food exporter for most of the last three decades. Against this background, food safety is an issue of national and international significance.

Activities in this component will support the modernizing of China's agriculture and agro‐foods sector, food safety strategy and administrative capacity to improve food and feed safety, animal health and welfare and plant health. This will be done in line principles and values of the WHO, FAO, OIE and the EU food safety framework and take into consideration international standards and international best practice in standards (SPS) development. Priority topics will be addressed include:

The activities will also strengthen and streamline inter‐ministry cooperation at the central level and between the central and local authorities on food safety and SPS issues. In addition to helping deliver safer, more trustworthy food to consumers, enhanced compliance with international standards will improve the economy in agricultural areas, contributing to rural development and equality, and raising living standards in some of China's poorest areas.

Team Introduction

Javier Burchard – Component Expert
Javier Burchard, is an agriculture and veterinary specialist with over 30 years of professional experience from Canada, Latin America and China working in animal health, public health and food safety, Mr. Burchard is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and has a M.Sc. and Ph.D in Animal Science from McGill University. He has extensive experience of working to modernize agricultural and food safety practices to ensure compliance with international standards, including those of the OIE and WTO. For his most recent assignment he has been working in China for almost three years on a CIDA‐funded project which focuses on enhancing institutional capacity at the national and provincial level and supporting China's reform and implementation of food safety and veterinary public health policies.